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Custom Ukrainian Boot
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Custom Ukrainian Boot

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Product Information
Each pair of Avriel Ukrainian Dance Boots is custom fit for one dancer. 

Each pair is made of the highest quality hand picked leather hides.

These boots are made to specific measurements provided by the dancer for the dancer.

 These boots are not mass produced and we do not carry stock as each pair is made of one dancer. The best way to see a pair for your dance troupe is to order one pair.

 Delivery of these boots is 8 to 10 weeks from time of order and receipt of the deposit.

please e-mail for details

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Product Options:
Measurement Unit
(1) Foot - Length
(2) Ball of Foot - Around
(3) Foot arch - Around
(4) Heel - Around
(5) Ankle - Around
(5a) Ankle - Height
(6) Bottom of Calf - Around
(6a) Bottom of Calf - Height
(7) Calf Widest - Around
(7a) Calf Widest - Height
(8) Top of Calf - Around
(8a) Top of Calf - Height

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